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Reimagining How Stormwater Is Managed

Meet The Engineer


I’m NOT your typical engineer.  While I love the technical side of engineering, I’m more of a free spirit than your regular, by the book, number crunching professional.  But don’t get me wrong:  I LOVE being a professional, and I’m all about doing things well.  But…before working to do things right, I strive first do the right things.  I love to create things.  I love, too, to tinker with science—while mixing in healthy doses of art, spirituality, environmental preservation, and outdoor learning experiences—in all I do.  Even if something gets the job done (ummm…it fulfills all its regulatory requirements), if it’s not elegant (or worse, if it looks ugly), I hate it.  (Is it okay to write that?)  But…if it not only gets the job done, but looks awesome, provides a focal point of aesthetic and educational interest, and makes your clients and residents love you…well, that’s a TOTALLY different story.


Just like you, I love beautiful things, and I’m a conservationist and restoration specialist at heart.  Where the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and certification of stormwater control measures (SCMs) are concerned, I believe in doing the right things in the right ways every time and in every situation.  I believe also in challenging the status quo, thinking differently, and pushing beyond the limits of current thought and practice. But I don’t do this just in my engineering practice.  No; I do it in every arena of life:  My relationships, my writing, my spiritual practices, my training in mixed martial arts, my life coaching activities—every arena.  It’s why I exist.


Yes, I may be a little different.  But if you approach life in a similar fashion and are interested in working together and bringing me on as an ally to help you get more of what you want, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Take care, and God’s peace to you, your family, and all those you hold dear…


Essential Qualifications:

  • A human being (b. 11/12/1965), who loves God, himself, other people, and nature.

  • BS, Civil Engineering (c. Environmental and Water Resources Engineering), Virginia Tech, 1990.

  • Member, Chi Epsilon Collegiate Civil Engineering Honor Society.

  • Virginia Professional Engineer (PE), 1996, #028590.

  • North Carolina PE, 2006, #031933.

  • Certified Stormwater SCM Inspection and Maintenance Professional, NC State University, 2010, #313.

Our Services


  • Create customer-centric relationships.

  • Provide annual certification and compliance inspections of SCMs.

  • Design SCMs.

  • Provide as-built assessments and certifications of SCMs.

  • Conduct dam (high-hazard, low-hazard, etc.) assessments, and prepare dam remediation plans.

  • Perform stormwater forensic analyses.

  • Prepare Engineering Modification Plans (EMPs).

  • Prepare infrastructure replacement and refurbishment plans.

  • Prepare ecological enhancement plans (Using the concepts of Imagineering).

  • Prepare aesthetic enhancement plans (Using the concepts of Imagineering).

  • Prepare/update operations and maintenance (O&M) plans.

  • Provide field support services.

  • Conduct drainage investigations.

  • Prepare drainage remediation plans.

  • Provide contract administration support.

  • Create, build, market, and sell innovative products and methodologies.

  • Create synergistic service collaboratives (1+1=more than 2) with other service vendors like professional landscapers, surveyors, deck carpenters, handcrafted birdhouse makers, stone workers, metal workers, etc. 

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